View Full Version : Obsidian plans Dungeon Siege 3 update with better PC controls

June 23rd, 2011, 22:20
Players of the PC version of Dungeon Siege 3 were disappointed with the keyboard-and-mouse controls used in the game, generally deciding that using an Xbox 360 controller was the way to go. If you're one of those folks, lead designer Nathaniel Chapman says there's good news: Obsidian plans to release an update that will improve the traditional PC controls. According to Chapman, better PC controls for the game is "one thing I would have liked to have spent more time on, and we are actually spending time on now."

Chapman also hinted that Obsidian would like to have made "a more fleshed out tutorial system" and "more unique armor variants" for the game's four playable characters. But those will have to wait for future versions of the game: "It's always good sequel or DLC material," he said.