View Full Version : 10 co-op maps confirmed for Battlefield 3

June 27th, 2011, 10:04
Battlefield 3's co-op campaign will feature support for two players over 10 different maps, developer DICE has confirmed via PSM3 magazine.

Sure, it's a slim morsel of news, but the first real details the studio has let slip about the feature.

Eurogamer's Martin Robinson took a close look at the keenly-anticipated shooter's standard multiplayer mode in his Battlefield 3 hands-on preview earlier this week.

“It strikes a middle ground that’s likely to offend as many as it appeases,” he wrote, “stopping a little short of Battlefield 2’s nuance, while offering a more intricate game than that seen on the hyper-caffeinated killing fields of Modern Warfare.”

The game marches forth to retail on 28th October.