View Full Version : Jeff Minter bounces 'Deflex' to iOS

June 27th, 2011, 21:13
Psychedelic shooter designer Jeff Minter has followed Minotaur Rescue and Minitron 2112 with a third iOS game, with no minotaurs in sight. Deflex is a puzzle game in which players set down "bats," left- and right-slanted lines, off of which a ball bounces into on-screen items. Each time the ball connects, the bat changes direction, leading to a complicated strategy for success -- or, if you're like us, a lot of random placement and hoping. It's adapted from a 1982 Llamasoft game called Superdeflex.

According to Touch Arcade's preview, the items and characters you seek out all have their own behaviors. "Many just sit there. Some move towards you. Some (like jiggly bananas) dart away from you. It's a bit chaotic. And the elimination of each character triggers the next note in a haunting piano melody."

Neither Touch Arcade nor Minter provided a date for Deflex, but it appears to be done, and thus likely headed to the App Store soon. Check out a video after the break, and don't think for a minute that our description has prepared you for the weirdness.