View Full Version : Boulder Dash XL boldly dashes to XBLA July 13

June 28th, 2011, 11:07
An HD update of the classic game Boulder Dash is coming to XBLA on July 13 ... just a week shy of the Summer of Arcade promotion, and the same day as Ms. Splosion Man. Ouch. Boulder Dash XL retains the formula from First Star Games' vintage side-scroller, with a treasure hunter searching for diamonds in maze-like caves, avoiding enemies, falling boulders, and traps.

The new version features "7 times the amount of caves as the 1984 original release," publisher Kalypso Media says, along with a new "puzzle mode," items like speed enhancers and telescoping arms, and online leaderboards. In addition to the 800 Microsoft Point Xbox Live Arcade release, a PC version will be released later in the summer. Hopefully for its sake, it won't be overshadowed again by a promotion and a higher-profile release.