View Full Version : BioWare doing 'a lot of sharing' with Battlefield

July 4th, 2011, 14:18
BioWare's revealed it's doing "a lot" of knowledge sharing with Battlefield 3 developer DICE - specifically in the area of sound.

Speaking in the latest instalment of Xbox World 360's BioWare Mass Effect 3 interviews, sound designer Rob Blake said the sci-fi sequel's trying to "build on the work" DICE has done.

"We've been chatting to the guys over at DICE who did the Battlefield and the Medal of Honor stuff and we've been doing a lot of knowledge sharing and asset sharing with those guys," he said in the latest interview.

"We're taking on board some of their environmental changes that they've done really well. The new [Mass Effect 3] Assault Rifle has different layers that change depending on what type of environment you're in, for example. There are lots of interactions between sounds - you can hear the different decay as shots echo off walls."

Blake went on to express BioWare's love for the Battlefield games - but emphasised the shooter series is still "very different" from its own sci-fi epic.

"We're doing a lot of knowledge sharing which has been really useful, and we love the Battlefield games. We're big fans of the audio so we're definitely trying to build on the work that they've done, but at the same time they're very different games," he said.

"Their [audio] focus is just the guns but we have spaceships, biotics and tech powers and all this extra stuff that we have to deal with.

"But one of the things I wanted from them was their environmental interactions, so that when you go into different areas things change quite drastically. They also have a sophisticated ducking system - when you fire your gun it will lower the volume of other people's guns."