View Full Version : Pokemon gets a free official Android and iOS app this summer (in Japan)

July 6th, 2011, 21:54
Look, we've all seen Pokéholics in the throes of deprivation. Well, perhaps us more than you ... consider who we work with. But here's the thing: There's finally, finally a way for you to get your fix without having to drag along your DS.

A new, official app for both Android and iOS will be available for download sometime this summer -- free of charge. It's the product of a licensing agreement between Nintendo and Game Freak in Japan.

Pokemon Say Tap? BW is a rhythm-based card game where you tap the screen in rhythm as music is being played and Pokemon cards are being displayed. Currently, there is no word of any versions for outside of Japan but, let's be real, how hard can it be to learn Japanese? If you start now, we bet you'll be fluent by the time this app launches!

We have faith in you.