View Full Version : Call of Duty Elite is "the best free games service ever made"

July 8th, 2011, 21:44
Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg is supremely confident in the Call of Duty online service the publisher is launching with Modern Warfare 3. In fact he thinks Call of Duty Elite’s mix of community features, content updates and competitions will make it the best free gaming service available.

“At E3 we dispelled the myths around Elite and what we are and aren’t charging for – it will be clear we are building the best free gaming service with the best premium elements alongside it,” he told MCV.
Elite will go live as other publishers establish their own services for franchise fans, most notably Electronic Arts with the FIFA Football Club and Battlefield’s Battlelog.

“You can see this throughout culture – we are always on and always connected. Figuring out how to harness that trend and technology to make games better is a natural innovation,” said Hirshberg.

“It comes down to execution, and one of the things we are proud of and obsessed with is how the service communicates with the player, and the overall in-console experience.”