View Full Version : need advise on my set up

September 15th, 2006, 02:11
this is my set up (1Gb SanDisk Ultra CF and the Max Media doc)
Im reading on here that my CF card might be the problem
I thought it was the MaxMedia doc all this time and that my CF card was a good one. because of this mis information I recently purchased a Game Boy Advanced Player CF (not sd) and I thought it would fix my issues. It hasnt come in yet so I havent had the chance to test it out with the 1Gb SanDisk Ultra CF card.
So should I not expect anything great.
I mainly want to run NitroTracker. which hangs up everytime it gets to the main screen. :confused:

I also was able to convert a .nes file to a .gba file

I also have it flashed v7

September 15th, 2006, 03:23
first thing first, the GBAMP is way better than the MMD just remeber to get schisms GBAMP firmware hack so you can run DS code from it (also make sure you have a bootloader, i use Moonshell as mine) my PNY 512 CF works fine on it, and i dont regret getting it.......hm well i think you are talking about the GBAMP anyway...

about the MMD i dont have much of a clue