View Full Version : supercards functions?

September 15th, 2006, 16:05
ok, now that my mmp went down the drain, im going for either a supercard or m3... but i really dont know what the supercard has in it... whats the video quality like? whats the mp3 quality like? does the supercard have a built in movie player, or do you have to use moonshell? is supercards homebrew compatibility better than m3's? and what emulators can it use? does it have a built in gba emulator?

sorry for all the questions... just want to have a good idea of what im getting.

September 15th, 2006, 18:55
one thread (http://www.dcemu.co.uk/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=35919) is enough ;)

September 15th, 2006, 19:33
i never posted this thread twice... i only ever clicked the create thread button once, so i dont know why gave me 2 identical threads

sorry bout that.

September 15th, 2006, 23:21
super card lite it does everything the m3 does . Plus a lot more and it already has emulators built in. Dont let THH get to you. I have bouth and i talk from experience

September 16th, 2006, 00:18
I like supercard because it has built in emulators. SUPERCARD FTW!!! Homebrew Hunter will say m3.

September 16th, 2006, 19:48
I agree i just think he regrets having spent so much money. /and yet the super card has more compatibility and emulators and best suport for eveything then the m3