View Full Version : Toned down Heavy Rain for France only

August 8th, 2011, 22:03
The toned down version of Heavy Rain spotted on pan-European ratings board PEGI (http://www.pegi.info/en/index/global_id/505/?searchString=heavy+rain&agecategories=&genre=&organisations=&platforms=SP3&countries=&submit=Search) is exclusive to France, Sony has told Eurogamer.
Heavy Rain Edition Modifiée is redesigned to be suitable for those aged 16 and over only.
The original European version carried a PEGI 18 certificate.
PlayStation 3 exclusive Heavy Rain contains "extreme violence, violence towards defenceless people, sexual violence and strong language," according to PEGI's rating.
Heavy Rain Edition Modifiée, however, contains "realistic looking violence, nudity of a sexual nature, and strong language".
"This is just a small initiative for France only," a Sony spokesperson said.
In the UK the BBFC awarded David Cage's superb thriller a 15 rating with no cuts.