View Full Version : AIOmod doesn't work?

September 16th, 2006, 21:26
Hi, I have recently put AIOmod, onto my psp as well as , but when I put in the USB in the PSP when it is on the xmb, it doesn't work. I can't take a screen using the note key as well. My config file is like this:

# Extra PRX's to load on boot.
loadmodule0 = "ms0:/PSP/SYSTEM/Hello.prx"
loadmodule1 = "ms0:/PSP/SYSTEM/AIOMod.prx"
loadmodule2 = "ms0:/PSP/SYSTEM/vshex.prx"
loadmodule3 = "ms0:/PSP/SYSTEM/AutoUSB.prx"

As you can see, they DON'T have the hash at the side, aand they don't work. Also, I have put the files in the exact same place as the config files says. The only prx that loads is the Hello prx.