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September 17th, 2006, 18:05
i bought a Dc yesterday , iam based in the uk and the console is of PAL format,
please excuse lack of knowledge here but im a noob with dreamcasts as ive only owned Ps2 and xbox before.
question= i noticed in the faq something about gameshark for imports , is this the best thing for me to use or should i try to get my console chipped for playing imported games.

September 17th, 2006, 18:36
also, you can use the utopia disc.

September 17th, 2006, 21:02
how much does the utopia disk cost?
or is it a freeware thing,
any links available

September 17th, 2006, 21:20
The utopia boot disk is considered illegal since it allows the use of pirated games in addition to imported games. If you email me I'll send you a link to it.

September 18th, 2006, 09:34
Action Replay CDX Demo ( legal, and much better than utopia)


beetroot bertie
September 18th, 2006, 12:58
If you want to lose the black borders, you might want to consider a import boot disc like DC-X (which is different to the CD-X mentioned above).

If you feel like purchasing one, they have it at:


There's also a range of import titles. Other suitable places for imports are www.lik-sang.com and www.play-asia.com

Please be aware of packaging costs/import tax if you purchase from these stores abroad though. As you are likely to have to pay import duty and then a possibly higher fee for handling, especially if it goes through Parcel Force. I found using DHL worked out cheaper.

Incidently, how is the CD-X demo legal when it appeared on a magazine cover disc?

September 28th, 2006, 23:18
the best thing is to get the mod chip, then you dont need to swap disks.

September 28th, 2006, 23:23
Just pm christopherlooser. He might know the best out of all of us. But i still agree with bertrude

September 29th, 2006, 00:06
If you want something legal check out the Import Enabler.