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August 29th, 2011, 21:26
1950s Lawn Mower Kids hits the Nintendo DSiWare™ service and in the Nintendo eShop™ on September 1st 2011. Together with this press release we also, for the first time, release some screens from the game.
1950s Lawn Mower Kids is a fun game where you under severe time constraints simultaneously keep the three TNT-kids mowing. All this while avoiding moving objects, well laid tables and intricate flower beds. Your opponents will be dogs, cats, ducks, and a menagerie of people lead by Angry Old Joe. On your side is Mr Mowman and his strange but wonderful contraptions.

21 levels of hectic fun.
UFOs but no area 51
Angry dogs and evil cats
Bonus levels
“Game Over”-screen, oldstyle!
Tom: Uses his agility to avoid flying footballs.
Nancy: Her ride lawn mower scares the animals away.
Tim: Avoids scoldings with his winning smile.
Mr Mowman and his mysterious contraptions
Ducks in line
Music that sticks!
Angry Old Joe that hates kids.
A last bonus level that is possible to clear...we promise!
Join the mowment!

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More information can be found at:
http://www.zordix.com/ (http://www.zordix.com/1950slawnmowerkids)1950slawnmowerkids (http://www.zordix.com/1950slawnmowerkids)