View Full Version : Ubisoft waives Driverís online pass fee

September 7th, 2011, 21:10
Ubisoft is offering free access to Driver: San Franciscoís multiplayer modes to all players Ė and not just those who bought the game new at retail, as initially planned - after a printing error left users unable to redeem codes to unlock the titleís online component. Beginning with Driver, copies of the publisher's "popular core games" were supposed to ship with a valid one-time code required to access multiplayer features, while second-hand buyers would have to pay to get in on the action. A post on the Xbox support forums confirmed that printing errors had put paid to those plans, for now. "To solve this problem, Ubisoft has made the Uplay Passport offer free for all purchasers of Driver: San Francisco,Ē it read. Ubisoft says players can access all of the gameís online features at no extra cost by accessing the Uplay Passport option from Driverís online multiplayer menu