View Full Version : Activision triumphs in ModernWarfare3.com dispute

September 8th, 2011, 21:08
Call Of Duty publisher Activision has won its court case against ModernWarfare3.com owner Anthony Abraham.
Miami resident Abraham bought the domain in July and used it to redirect visitors to the webpage of rival EA shooter Battlefield 3, and a comedy video referencing Modern Warfare 3.
According to legal documents obtained by Fusible, (http://fusible.com/2011/07/activision-files-complaint-over-modernwarfare3-com-posted-online/)Activision filed a domain name dispute with the National Arbitration Forum on July 15.
"It appears that the Respondent supports the game Battlefield from the game developer Electronic Arts ("EA")," read the complaint.
" EA is one of Complainant's principal competitors in the video game industry, and Battlefield game competes in the marketplace with Complainant's MODERN WARFARE games and its other military-themed shooter games in the CALL OF DUTY series."
The three member panel deciding the case were not convinced by Abraham's defence, that Modern Warfare was a generic term.
The complaint cost Activision just $2600 to file.