View Full Version : Plants vs Zombies iPhone update adds nine new mini-games

September 10th, 2011, 22:24
If you need to take a breather from the exhausting business of arboreal zombie warfare, you'll be able to participate in nine new mini-games on the iPhone version of Plants vs. Zombies today. An update for the title just launched, which adds three packs of three diversions to Crazy Dave's store, such as ZomBotany 2, Invisi-Ghoul and Beghouled Twist. Really, the puns are worth the price of admission.

Each pack can be bought with in-game coins, or if you prefer, with $0.99 of your real-world cash. We'd suggest spending the former, because the latter can be spent on other real-world goods and services. Like, you could play the mini games, and also eat the three Twix bars you just bought. Or, wait -- six Twix bars! Because there's two of them.