View Full Version : Release 2.0 Firmware LT and PHAT 0800V3

October 2nd, 2011, 23:52
Announced last night C4Eva just launched its new package of firmware 2.0 for LT consoles PHAT, the new firmware allows the execution of the new game format XGD3. Firmware 2.0 for LT Slim consoles is over but test It will be available soon. The second announcement for the 0800 firmware v3 which in turn, will allow you to flash a Benq drive Xbox / LiteOn to connect the PC to perform the rip your original XGD3 AP2.5 security / 2.6, SS ... included. Quote:

NFO LT2.0 C4Es iXtreme LT + in association with Jungle Team & Team Xecuter ----------------------------------- ---------------------------- Official release of the LT + iXtreme v2.0 - Support for backup XGD3 using LT-MAX (Maximum capacity) DVD + R DL standard. passes all security checks format XGD3 also the ability - Supports DVD + R DL capacity error-free burning. I Would Like to Dedicate this fw to the Xbox Live Enforcement Team and the recent false (AP25) and bans Subsequent reversal . Keep up the good work guys. Thanks go to Jungle Team for Their hard work and efforts in the development process. aussi Thanks go to Team Xecuter for Their support to this project.

NFO 0800 V3 Jungle Team Presents iXtreme 3.0 firmware for Benq 0800 and Liteon drives ----------------------------------- -------------------------------------- iXtreme fw for Benq and Liteon drives! Features --- ----- -common API for easier use. Support for SS-V2! AP25-Support! XGD3 rip-Support -Direct 0800 for copying games included safety SS v2! This firmware is not a use console is expected to rip games by connecting the USB flash benq 0800 / liteon to pc This means: a. You do not have the Key DVD, b Does not need to be spoofed as another drive, c. No need to have the reader half-open No need to use to activate. iso to use the firmware on the PC.

Source http://www.c4evaspeaks.com/