View Full Version : Crysis DRM rumours on Xbox 360 are not true

October 5th, 2011, 23:25
The digital release of Crysis on Xbox 360 has DRM? Itís the end of the world! EA are dead to me! Iím going to kill my cat!
Calm down, people.
The internet is currently up in arms amidst claims that the digital version of Crysis, which was released on Xbox 360 today, requires a Ubisoft-like always-on internet connection to play.
It was claimed that the game would not boot on a console not connected to the internet. After booting, the talk was that the game would re-authenticate every ten minutes. If no link to the server was found, it would dump you back to dashboard.
The truth is that these DRM restrictions only apply to those playing the game on a different console to that on which the game was purchased.
Xbox 360 DRM of this type has been present since day one, with games purchased on different machines requiring internet authentication before they will run.
Microsoft offers a licence transfer tool allowing those who change their console to overcome the obstacle.