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October 14th, 2004, 14:39
im posting it in the off topic forum, and i hope its the right place.

i just want to say some words to a person called metafox. you said this is a great day for the 'scene', coz Ian Micheal leaved. you said he is a robber, he do not respect the other coders, and so many things...
then, i want to ask something to you: can you talk now about YOUR mistakes? or are you perfect? yes, coz its EASY to blame someone about his mistakes (and heeeeeeeeeeeey, where are your arguments??? i can say you are anything, but i need to PROVE it!!!), but cmon, we are waiting for YOUR mistakes right now.
i dont know who are you, but its obvious: you are very poor, man. you cannot start to blame someone like you did with him, just coz you are NOT perfect. then, look at YOU first, and talk about others after.
finishing: im really waiting to you, tell us about YOUR mistakes. if you dont do it, no problem, I WILL.

Paulo Hollanda

October 14th, 2004, 15:06
DO you know what reaper actually did? Did you see him threatening coders, even going as far as to post home address's? Maybe you did, maybe you didn't, because that topic was deleted, due to its content.

And to be honest, i actually can't think of any of meta's mistakes, he started helped bring dc homebrew coders to the commercial scene, you can buy them off liksang.
He's got dreamon the magazine dedicated to the dc scene coming soon, with a cd with it.
He runs consolevision, he's even helping new coders out.

Although i don't know you, i know of one mistake, flaming a member of staff, do it again and your banned.

October 14th, 2004, 15:35
paulo, shut up and read this.



October 14th, 2004, 15:47
"Bad mistakes I've had a few". :P

I've said it before countless times.

Here's what I regret in my online time:

- losing the file of Domenico Dato's port of Laser to WinCE
- posting Domenico Dato's port of Laser to BeOS on BeBits myself, which posted my name as author onto the site instead of his
- using the source of another Space Invaders emulator for Laser 0.9 - which I never asked permission to use. It was GPL and I gave credit in my newsposts and in the readme, but I still like to ask permission first
- promising the Dreamcast homebrew compilation disc/magazine back in 2001, but not delivering upon it even to this day. It will come out, but I feel bad letting everyone hang for so long
- putting up preorders for Chikugoyaku and promising a Feb 2004 shipping date. For those waiting for Chiku - it'll be in the GOAT compilation disc, and I'll send out the GOAT disc to all preorders at no extra charge
- announcing projects too early like Mike Siecieska's Motocross and Gus And Rob. They're not cancelled - they will come out, but they'll take time

The difference is I never deliberately tried to hurt anyone, and I appologized countless times for my mistakes, and made up for them to the best of my ability.

Reaper never appologized or even admitted that he did anything wrong - except for the GPL violations as he had no choice since everyone called him on them at the same time.

I never hacked websites, I never threatened anyone personally, I never framed people for my mistakes, and I try my best to give credit where credit is due.

October 14th, 2004, 16:17
ahh squabling kids

tinku ;D

October 14th, 2004, 16:51
Everyone makes mistakes and nobody is perfect!, it takes a real man to admit in public the mistakes he's made, it takes a mere blinkered sheep to shout his mouth off without knowing what he's talking about.

Everyone at one stage in life has to come to a crossroads, choose the path...

1) Blinkered sheep
2) Maturity

Topic locked, this stuff is getting boring, Ian's gone - get over it.