View Full Version : Wasabi 360 News: Live, USB to ESATA adaptor and Firmware v1.0

October 9th, 2011, 18:34
We have several pieces of information to release today concerning Xbox Live, our USB to ESATA adaptor and the initial Wasabi 360 Ultra firmware release:

We have noticed on several forums that users are debating the potential ban issues of using ODDE devices such as ours and other manufacturer's products on Live. We have refrained from stating that the product in its current state can SAFELY go on Live. This is due to the fact that Live is a dynamic system which can issue bans in waves. This means that your friends' systems or indeed your own system which is installed with ANY brand of ODD emulator may work today, but be banned tomorrow or indeed at any time in the future. There is no fail safe method currently which allows safe play on Live without possibility of a ban. We have noticed many forum members discussing that both Wasabi 360 Ultra and similar products can be used with Live currently. Whilst this is currently true, it is by no means safe to say that these systems will not be banned in the imminent future.

We'd like to state therefore that we feel that it is irresponsible for manufacturers to allow users to believe that it is safe to use the console with any ODD emulator without the risk of an imminent ban. We hope that other manufacturers will be responsible in joining us to say that this is a real risk. After all, furnished with the truth, users are able to decide themselves on a fair and level basis whether or not to risk playing on Live with any ODD emulator.

We'd also like to remind users that our USB to ESATA adapter will start manufacturing soon. This will allow users the maximum amount of convenience to use either an ESATA or a USB HDD. The retail price is US$9.99 or Euro 9.99. The adapter will be available from all Wasabi resellers.

Finally, we have made Wasabi 360 Ultra firmware v1.0 available for download. This comes with a special feature announcement - support for multi disc games. ISO's can be trivially swapped in-game thanks to a feature of the Xbox dashboard which allows you to select arbitrary music tracks to play during the game and thus this feature can be exploited to display the ISO list. Full details may be found in the updated Wasabi 360 Ultra user guide which has been added to the downloads page. Special thanks goes to Zerberus of 360hacks.de for suggesting this method!