View Full Version : Xecuter CoolRunner Now In Production and Nand-X Update

October 23rd, 2011, 14:03
As many of you are aware we spent a few extra weeks fine tuning our RGH (Reset Glitch Hack) product – the CoolRunner – to make sure that the design was as optimized as possible (If you have been following our forum updates you will know that went through five different prototypes and pounded the mod in our labs to squeeze out every bug) we could find. We have completely changed the layout of the design as well as tweaked the install method and also designed some very sweet QSB’s for both phat and slim that enable both the CoolRunner and the NAND-X to connect to the Xbox at the same time with minimum effort. Boot times on all versions are fast and rock solid. For those who waited for a non-rushed RGH mod – you will not be disappointed.

The CoolRunner will be complete with all wires required. Each wire is cut to precise lengths and correct gauges and also pre-tinned. It is absolutely necessary to use these as instructed to provide optimum performance

As promised the MSRP is only $19.99 for the Xecuter CoolRunner :) – we expect stores to receive stock in the next 10 days. The Phat and Slim QSB kits will be available to purchase separately.

We don’t always post news to our front page so be sure to keep an eye on our support forums where we post daily updates on all our products and developments.

Here is a pic of the final design (Note: its hand soldered not production quality)

Here are some install pics. They are not final, but will show final versions with complete instructions next week.
Xecuter CoolRunner – Phat install with new version QSB for NAND-X/CoolRunner all in one

Xecuter CoolRunner – Slim install with new version QSB for NAND-X/CoolRunner all in one.

We have also designed a simple cable set for the Nand-X and CK3i so that the NAND-X can be updated to Tiros’ new NandPro 3 code, giving you the ability to update your CoolRunner using the NAND-X over USB :)
Simple cable to update your NAND-X with Tiros’ NandPro v3 using an Xecuter CK3i

We have also designed an LPT JTAG cable that is based on the official XILINX schematics (not the public homebrew version). This will be available also along with a CK3 to CoolRunner cable to provide power.

For those that want to DIY their Nand-X with NandPro v3 we posted some pin out info here

We would like to once again thank GliGli and Tiros for their hard work and dedication to the homebrew scene.

Here are the boot videos for different models: Jasper Phat, Trinity Slim and Falcon Phat

Official Site: http://team-xecuter.com