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October 23rd, 2011, 13:07
Lantus released a port of SDL for LibXenon and a to show of the progress he also released a port of SDL-Quake. This is for libXenon-homebrew Xbox360 consoles:
* Iíve been working on a full fledged port of SDL for LibXenon and its at a stage where its good enough be released.
the repository is located here
Currently the following features are implemented in SDL
- Graphics
- Audio (some audio formats are probably still buggy)
- Joysticks (all 4 are supported)
- Threads (hasnít really been tested)

* As a testbed, ive ported SDLQuake in parallel with libSDLXenon

Official Site: http://lantus360.com | https://github.com/lantus/libSDLXenon | https://github.com/lantus/sdlquake-libxenon