View Full Version : Cobra USB Firmware and Manager Update ver 4.1 + PS3 Updater ver 1.0

October 26th, 2011, 07:24
Team Cobra USB has announced today the release of their new firmware and manager, both now at version 4.1. This is firmware for the dongle, not to be confused with new firmware for the PS3. Although there is a new application also released, that allows you update the Cobra USB dongle via the PS3 (if your dongle it already 4.0+), Cobra USB PS3 Updater version 1.0. The new features revolve mainly around updated PSP support, including PSP savedata support, but you can read the official announcement for yourselves below.

http://psx-scene.com/forums/content/attachments/31312d1319575977-cobra.jpg/ (http://psx-scene.com/forums/content/attachments/31312d1319576242-cobra.jpg/)

25 - 10 - 2011

- New firmware update, mainly focused on improving PSP support.

- Improved compatibility with psp games. Some of the games that crashed early now run.

- Added support for PSP savedata. Please note that in the previous release, savedata worked for isos that were generated from psp minis games. However, those savedata are incompatible with this new firmware. You can see psp savedatas under the ps3 savedata section in the XMB, not under the minis one.
If savedata still doesn't work in some game, please send us a message to our support email address (support@cobra-usb.com).

- Cobra USB Manager will now give an error when trying to load a prometheus patched PSP iso, as those aren't compatible with the PSP emulator.

- Added Cobra USB PS3 Updater to the download section. With this tool you can update the dongle using the PS3, require Cobra Firmware 4.0+ to work. Refer to the manual for instructions..

Download Links:
Cobra USB_Firmware v4.1 (http://www.cobra-usb.com/downloads/Cobra-USB_Firmware_v4.1.rar)
Cobra USB Manager v4.1 (http://www.cobra-usb.com/downloads/Cobra-USB_Manager_v4.1.rar)
Cobra USB PS3 Updater v1.0 (http://www.cobra-usb.com/downloads/Cobra-USB_PS3_Updater_v1_0.rar)

Official Site: cobra-usb.com (http://www.cobra-usb.com/)
Where to buy : Yoyobase.com (http://www.yoyobase.com/cobra-usb-dongle-adapter-for-ps3.html)