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September 30th, 2006, 23:26
Ok, so i finally got my m3 lite updated to v29. After about 4 hours today just trying to get anythign working on it, even more things are going wrong. with v29 in, when i tested an mp3 it played normally for 5 seconds and the remaining length of the song became complete garbled.

Videos dont work when i convert them.

Games arent running, each time i try something different and i get alittle bit closer to thinknig its working but no. My current problem now, after numerous reformats of the memory card (sandisk 512mb micro SD card ) when i go into the passcard with the m3 lite in, the m3 movie player main screen is completely trashed. The background image looks perfect, but the 6 buttons are a rainbow of differnet dots.

I dont know what to do, Is there a way to reset my fireware or something? I tried putting on the ve23 and that didnt help.

edit: Oh yes, i forgot to say thanks and also when i boot up using the GBA cart the menu system looks perfect, it just doesnt work in NDS menu. Also, i thought that every time i reformat my memory card i had to update the firm wire, so i repeatly updated the firmwire. Could that have caused an error in my firmwire?

October 1st, 2006, 00:42
Hmm.. yeah, it looks like there might be a problem with the firmware. In that case, yes, you can install an earlier version (which it looks like you already did). Just put it on the card like you would any other firmware (try one that you know worked just fine and was relatively stable. I know 28 seems to be decent and I haven't heard of any problems.. I think 23 was iffy for some people) and install it.

Hopefully this will fix the issue.

October 1st, 2006, 02:28
Thanks for the reply. I tried that with no luck. I tried gonig to version 21 and same thing.

The more i look into it, the more weird things i see. Extend doesnt work.

Also, i have 2 m3 lite's in my posession, and both seem to be doing the same thing on the same memory card. Does this info help?

I have tried reformating my card numerous times. I am reformatting with fat 32.

October 1st, 2006, 05:50
Are you able to borrow a card from someone else, or do you have another one? Maybe it's the card's fault (though I'm not sure how).

Also, did you update the second m3 with that v29 update?

October 1st, 2006, 06:03
well i got it working, kind of. I dont know how, but i have the up to date firmware installed. Now, anything i try to load using game manager (yes im using the newest one ) doesnt load. I try using start, and A, but it doesnt go. I am trying 3 different games, i am trying DS Organize, and moonshell 1.4 and none of them will load. Also, mp3's dont play ( they start to play and then stop ) and jpgs dont show up as well as videos ( although i saw in other posts that downloaded the newer version of moonshell would fix this)

But that doesnt explain why mp3's dont play.

October 1st, 2006, 16:03
m3wiki.com probably has some answers on why that's happening. It also has a guide on what settings to use in the game manager for every game.