View Full Version : I think my PSP just got upgraded

October 1st, 2006, 21:23
I was taking a crap and playing my psp :D and when i was done I exited SNES EMU and went back to my computer to do some crap. I turned on my PSP to see that dev hook was on so i was like " eh no big deal" so i run the Go back to version 1.50. When its done loading to go back to version 2.71. I try this a few more times and it doesnt work.

Things that could have affected it:

I used Theme PSP And kept switching back and forth between Final Fantasy Theme and Prince of Persia Theme.

I installed the themes on every single firmware because I couldn't figure out where to install it.

I deleted PSP set (by accident) from my memory stick

The plastic on my memory stick is kind of coming off now.

I can just downgrade again but i dont want to mess up my psp by constantly doing this if it gets upgraded again.

October 1st, 2006, 21:37
So you are saying its stuck on 2.71 do a hard reset,pull the battery out that should fix it

October 1st, 2006, 22:04
Nope its still stuck at 2.71. I think it got upgraded, but all the things for devhook are still there (wallpaper, nickname, etc)

October 1st, 2006, 22:09
Do you have custom firmware?
because that's probly your problem flick your wifi switch into the position it's not in and try again.

October 1st, 2006, 23:32
Thanks Kramer, it worked!

October 2nd, 2006, 00:03
thats ok dude.

October 2nd, 2006, 00:31