View Full Version : Upgrade

October 5th, 2006, 13:29
2.71 is starting to look really good. But I'm not sure about the conpatibility of it. I want all my old emulators still. Does anyone think it's worth updating. Should I wait until there's more homebrew working for it and just keep me original 2.6 original TA-082. I mean I'm not sure. I don't think the downgrading service is going to start anytime soon. Thanks for your help!

October 5th, 2006, 14:18
Wait Or If A Friend Has A PSP 2.6 Thats Not TA-082 And He/She Doesnt No Wat It Is Then Just Ya Know......... Swop It lol. Or Buy A Second PSP With An Older Motherboard. I Have 3 PSP's All Are Older Versions, 2 - 1.50's And The Other Is 2.80.

October 5th, 2006, 16:53
homebrew through the loader on 2.71 doesnt run as well as it does on 1.5 but im not sure how it compares to 2.6. if someones says its the same then you might as well upgrade if you're not gonna downgrade.