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October 7th, 2006, 03:05
Taken from my website www.psptutorials.net

Ok, ok. You start up your PSP, all nice. You load up a game, and you get the PSP message with the cool backround. Awesome, right? Yeah, well, it gets quite boring after the 30th time you see it, but you’re not going to take it! No, you’re going to stand tall and do something about it! That’s right… you’re going to change the gameboot!

Alright, enough with the cheesy motivational speech, and down to the serious business. This writes to your PSP’s flash memory, thus it has a chance of bricking your PSP. We’ll be using X-Flash for this, which is a very stable program, so if you follow my directions, you should be ok. Just a warning: I can not be held liable for any damage caused to your PSP system. By putting the prgram on your PSP and using it, you agree that you cannot hold me responsible for the software’s malfunction, or your mis-following of directions.

With that in mind, let’s get to it. We’re going to need a couple of things for this. The first thing we’re going to need is a homebrew application called X-Flash, which can be downloaded here. Dowload hosted on dl.qj.net, curtosey of dl.qj.net. To install, follow my Homebrew Installation Tutorial found here (http://psptutorials.net/?p=8). Another thing we’ll need is a gameboot.pmf file. For this tutorial, I’ll be using a Matrix gameboot, made by member railside of the Next PSP Hacks forum. File can be downloaded here.

Alright. So we have X-Flash, and our gameboot ready. Good. Now either connect your PSP to your PC via USB, or via Memory Stick reader. Navigate to PSP - Game - __SCE__XFLASH - XFlash - Modified. You will see a 0kb gameboot there by default. This is nothing, and can easily be replaced. Simply drag your gameboot.pmf into the folder (Also note, if it’s not named gameboot, rename it to gameboot. No need to add .pmf to the end of it, as that’s the file type), and when it asks you if you’d like to overwrite the data, select “Yes”. The data will be transfered, but we’re not done.
Load up X-Flash from your Memory Stick, and you will get all of your 15 options. Now, scroll down to option 8, or “Change gameboot intro movie”. When you get to this option, press Triangle. You will see Verified Passed, and “Flash Completed,” if all went well. You now have a custom gameboot.

Now, this part is optional, but better. Look at option one, and that’s “Apply de-branded intro screen”. If you have your PSP boot-up sound and video set to “true” in the the X-Flash configuration files, the regular opening video will play (note: will not affect your gameboot). Press right on the D-Pad, and you will see “Apply debranded gameboot screen”. this will remove the annoying PSP logo that’s played during the boot-up, and gameboot. Also, when you’re browsing your cool X-Flash options, press left and right on some of them, as you will be opened up to many more options. For insance, you can remove all TM logos, or rename your “game” section to “1337,” or your Photo section to “Porn”. Very fun stuff, Art.

If you’re having troubles, just wait. A video tutorial ill be hosted on YouTube within the next few days. Also, be sure to come back regularly, as I will list many more X-Flash Tutorials. Thanks you for viewing,