View Full Version : Best cartridge/passkey combo for DS Lite?

Bunco Bandit
October 7th, 2006, 12:41
Could someone please tell me the best combo for the DS Lite.

I have been looking at the M3 Lite, Supercard Lite and a few others but would like to know which is considered the best.

October 7th, 2006, 15:05
Man o man, this sure is asked alot eh?

I think we need a sticky with just short basic info.

Basically, without going into all the possible options, the 2 your going to hear about are these:

M3 Lite and Passcard 3

Supercard Lite and Superkey

Either way, you're getting something that does pretty much all it needs to do, despite what people will say, there only fractionally different.

Also both use MicroSD Cards.

Now for my opinion:

I'd say go with M3 Lite, its supposed to have better compatability then Supercard Lite, Supercard Lite also doesnt fit in the DS very well where as the M3 Lite fits perfectly just like the dust cover/GBA games, And the microSD is safer on the inside then the outside (its friggin tiny)

I also went with a Sandisk 2GB Mirco SD, Almost everything i've tried works perfectly.

So i'd say get: M3 Lite - Passcard 3 - Sandisk MicroSD 1GB or 2GB

Also, go with RealHotStuff or Divineo.