View Full Version : My iPhone can't sync the contacts to Mac

December 14th, 2011, 01:09
Recently I have trouble with my new iMac and iPhone. I can successfully sync the music files from my iPhone to Mac. The question is that my contacts that are still on the iPhone - How do I get these into my Address Book on the iMac? Do you have any ideas??
Help pls!!:(:(

March 13th, 2012, 09:50
Whenever I added new contacts to my iPhone, on the next sync, iTunes would ask me if I wanted to copy them to my Mac as well. Photos and music can't easily be synced from phone to Mac, but contacts can.

Ah, here it is. I just found it with my iPhone. Plug the iPhone into the computer. When iTunes starts up, click on the iPhone in the panel on the left-hand side. You'll see a screen that has a lot of options along the top: "Summary," "Info," "Apps," "Tones," "Music," and so on.

Click Info. In the top of the Info pane, turn on the option "Sync Address Book Contacts."

What's more, you can refer this tutorial about how to transfer iPhone contacts to my Mac computer.


Hope it helps.

March 13th, 2012, 17:54
Well done ,learn more