View Full Version : devhook Home+Start plug in doesnt work!

October 20th, 2006, 23:55
i've flashed my psp with Harlegys 0.2 custom firmware, installed devhook 0.46 with 2.71 firmware from Chaos Zero Ultimate Installer and overwrite the vshex.prx from the plug in into kd folder..

well, after exiting the devhook, it goes into 2.71 XMB and when i pressed Home+Start, the psp goes into black screen and crashes :eek:

what seems to be the problem here?the problem here is with game Killzone Liberation.

October 21st, 2006, 09:33
just a quick note, i don't think you can talk about illigally obtaining devhhok DH files, but I don not know about reboot, try re-installing everything