View Full Version : Is It True

October 22nd, 2006, 17:41
That Japanese versions of the Sony PSP have sharper LCD screens? Also is there such thing as a ceramic white Sony PSP that plays region 1 UMD movies because someone on Ebay claims to have one for bidding, the seller has pictures and all but I was thinking that maybe he just changed both front and back plates from an original black Sony PSP US version to ceramic white from a Japanese version Sony PSP...What do you think?

October 22nd, 2006, 18:59
Ask him if the warranty is void coz that will tell u if he has changed plates but it is very hard to do that.
he may have downgraded and but a differnt region eboot on it.
i dont think the screen thing is true

October 22nd, 2006, 19:08
If it is true means my new psp will have a sharper LCD screen