View Full Version : Need help burning Saturn game

October 23rd, 2006, 07:49
I recently opened up my Saturn and taped the cd open/close button up and have been happily burning games (and playing the excellent SMS emu).

I've had no trouble downloading the games and burning the images......untill now.

I got Destruction Derby (I've downloaded it from 2 different sites) and it seems to be completley different to all the others. It's a Iso file with Mp3's. All the rest of the Iso files have had many different files in them but this one only has two, cdimage.elf and 0.AAA.

I created a CUE file using satheader (worked with all the others) and burnt it using Nero.

The saturn dosn't recognise it as a game and just goes to the cd player, I know how to do the swap trick as all my other games work fine. I've wasted 4 CD's trying to get it to work and have had no luck.
Do I have to uncompress the cdimage.elf file? and if so what program do I use as Winrar dosn't open the file.

I realize that most people here would not even have a Saturn, but if anybody has come across this before I would appreicate any help you could give.


October 23rd, 2006, 09:20
please read the rules before posting, no warez.