View Full Version : First details on Mortal Kombat for Vita: 60FPS, touchscreen fatalities and more

January 20th, 2012, 00:44
http://www.blogcdn.com/www.joystiq.com/media/2012/01/mortalkombatrainexplosion.png (http://www.joystiq.com/2012/01/19/first-details-on-mortal-kombat-for-vita-60fps-touchscre/)
Having a scorpion in your pocket isn't usually the kind of experience people rush out and pay for, but Mortal Kombat progenitor and NetherRealm Studios creative director Ed Boon doesn't seem too worried about that. In fact, the Vita port of Mortal Kombat is starting to sound pretty legit: The title will include all of the characters and modes from the PS3 version, run at 60 frames per second and support both local and online 1-on-1 multiplayer via wifi, according to an interview with PlayStation Blog (http://blog.us.playstation.com/2012/01/19/mortal-kombat-for-ps-vita-ed-boon-talks-touchscreen-fatalities-new-challenge-tower/).

The handheld homage to hemorrhaging also includes a second, brand-new Challenge Tower that takes advantage of the Vita's touchscreen and accelerometer in 150 new challenges. While unable to speak specifically on how the Vita's tech has been implemented in these challenges, Boon teased being able to tilt your Vita in order to change gravity's orientation during a hypothetical mission.

The touchscreen will also be used for activating X-Ray attacks and swiping direction inputs to initiate fatalities, but beyond that no Ultimate MvC3-esque touch controls (http://www.joystiq.com/2011/12/10/how-umvc3s-vita-touch-controls-work/) have been implemented. "We goofed around with ideas like that," said Boon. "It was an interesting novelty at first, but literally everybody who tried it said 'Oh, that's cute,' and then went right back to the normal control scheme." Mortal Kombat for the Vita is set to tear out tiny, adorable spines sometime this spring (http://www.joystiq.com/2012/01/17/mortal-kombat-goes-portable-on-vita-in-spring-2012/).