View Full Version : Do you think a port of a flash game player will be possible?

October 25th, 2006, 14:45

This is something i've wanted for a long time, but never really looked into, and obviously googling "DS Flash" brings up all the wrong answers.

Flash Video really isnt a problem as it can be converted to MPEG then DPG without losing quality, but does anyone think a Flash game player will be possible?, it would be awesome if you could log on to miniclip, capture any game you want and put the file on your DS to play on the go, but ofcourse if it was easy it would of been done by now :(

Any information/thoughts?

October 25th, 2006, 15:14
well there is only an open source version of flash up to version 7.


October 25th, 2006, 18:25
Hmm, maybe a coder could do it then?, its just a matter of someone who wants it, knows how to do it and has the time :/.