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October 26th, 2006, 18:45
How do i use the usbhost mode on irshell and what exactly does it do? I have firmware 1.5.

October 26th, 2006, 19:31
I think it just starts a usb connection from your computer to you psp via usb

October 28th, 2006, 15:20
It lets your psp use a specified directory on your computer as a virtual memory stick so you can run homebrew from it. You can also do the same with wifi. I've been having issues with the wifi though, can't get it set up properly.

October 28th, 2006, 15:54
you'll need the usb host from the IRshell website

October 28th, 2006, 22:52
So does irshell work with 2.71SE Rev-B?

October 30th, 2006, 00:49
if you modify it. someone posted a modified version on dcemu

Mr. Shizzy
October 30th, 2006, 10:45
you'll need the usb host from the IRshell website

And where do you put that folder???