View Full Version : A question about Wi-Fi Max / Other USB Dongles

October 26th, 2006, 19:46
I was about to purchase Wi Fi Max to take on some players from around the world at some PSP games. However... I have a few questions before commiting :

:confused: 1) I learned that there are other WiFi dongles for PC which are actually abit cheaper to purchase. Would these dongles still let me connect my PSP to the net without use of a wireless router?

:confused: 2) My PSP is running 1.5 , and emulating 2.7 with the latest release of Devhook. Can I still connect to the net perfectly with these settings?

Thanks in advance :D :D :D

October 26th, 2006, 20:00
I bought the one specially made for the PSP for $40 dollars, and all went well, some people thought it was hard to install, but if you follow the instructions(I usually don't, but for this, I needed to) and all will go well, it also worked on my laptop, which is cool, and you can also receive wireless signals with it, and you can keep it on for years without it making a single problem, all and all, a good buy, much better then those wireless routers for what you are paying.

October 26th, 2006, 20:08
cool. I'll invest in one.

Hey you used one of my quotes as your sig :D

October 27th, 2006, 02:56
wifi max is good. im using it now.

October 27th, 2006, 03:13
I personally find wifi max problematic, but that is probaly just me. Go with your hearts instinct.