View Full Version : Help with IRShell

October 29th, 2006, 03:27
I'm currently running on 2.71SE-B. I downloaded the IRShell that was made to work with 2.71SE-A but people say it would make no difference with SE-B. My problem is that I cant get neither the USBhost nor the Nethost to work. Every time I try to use either one it always says that it could not connect to host. As for the Nethost, Ive done all the port forwarding and took off all my firewalls. And with the USBhost, I'm using a very outdated USB 1.1 port but I'm finally going to buy a 2.0 tomorrow, so that may solve my problem. Anyway, could someone who got IRShell to work on 2.71SE-B tell me what they did to get it to work or what I might be doing wrong.


Edit: I installed a 2.0 drive and usbhost is now working fine, still having trouble with nethost though.