View Full Version : Playing .IMG PSX Backups with your Cobra USB

January 29th, 2012, 03:35
Hello everybody, I've been a member for awhile but don't post much, just usually came here for news, but I recently purchased a Cobra USB because I was interested in playing my old PSX backups.

Now when I read the tutorial I saw a lot of talk about .ISO's and .BIN/.CUE files, but when I looked at my old PSX backups, a lot of them were.CCD/.IMG/.SUB.

Now no matter what your backups had to have been ripped using MODE2/2352, but I never found anything about getting .CCD/.IMG/.SUB's to play, except burning them to a disc and playing them that way. You can also have mmCM or Cobra Manager make .ISO backups of your disc backups.

So I decided to put the .CCD/.IMG/.SUB on my flash drive to see if they'd show up, in this case I tried Gran Turismo. It didn't show up.

Now I'm not a programmer and I'm not gonna pretend I am, and I don't know how the Cobra Dongle or mmCM read the backups, but the program I use to check if my backups are MODE2/2352 is ImgBurn. ImgBurn wants you to open the .CUE and .CCD files to burn the .BIN and .IMG files. (In this case .CUE = .CCD and .BIN = .IMG) So I had an idea, make a .CUE file pointing to the .IMG, and when I did that, the Cobra Dongle or mmCM (whichever actually reads the file) read the .IMG as a .BIN, and my backups worked.

So long story short if you make .CUE for your .IMGCobra/mmCM will boot it like a .BIN as long as it was ripped using MODE2/2352

For those of you that don't know making a .CUE is very easy, just use Notepad and copy the text below into it, and save it as a .CUE and remember the.CUE and .BIN/.IMG have to have the same name.

TRACK 1 MODE2/2352
INDEX 1 00:00:00

I'm sorry if this has already been mentioned, I did a search and couldn't find anything.