View Full Version : brand new SCUMMVM released

October 31st, 2006, 13:18


It's been four months since the last update for ScummVM, the multiplatform point-and-click emulator. Just released v0.9.1 adds official support for DS and GP2X, with a GP32 port promised soon, but bug-fixes for existing versions (e.g., Dreamcast, PS2, PSP) are not be overlooked. Highlights include:

Fixes for Humongous Entertainment games, including better support for international versions

Improved detection for the FM-TOWNS version of Indy3
Fixes for The Feeble Files (more non-English versions are supported)
Parts of the Kyrandia engine have been rewritten (requires less CPU power)

PSP, PS2, and WinCE ports have been "greatly improved"
PalmOS port is up-to-date; features separate build for Tapwave Zodiac
WinCE port supports 2002 devices again
Is this new version gonna keep you from updating your PSP's firmware for the holiday flood of titles? Are you running ScummVM on a different portable?