View Full Version : Gebea Release 4

September 17th, 2004, 09:17
A new release of the GBA emu for windows, heres whats new:[br][br] CPU: Changed flag updates for instructions only affecting N and Z[br]CPU: All unsigned LDRH instructions now set the upper 16 bits to zero[br]CPU: r15 is pc+12 when used as an operand in a dataproc instruction with register-specified shift[br]CPU: r15 is pc+12 when used as the source register in an STR/STRH instruction[br]CPU: Fixed the carry flag for a bunch of instructions[br]CPU: Added ROR#0 (RRX)[br]CPU: Fixed initial state of flags[br]CPU: Fixed LDR instruction with r15 as Rd[br]GPU: Fixed the mode 3 scanline renderer[br]GPU: Added mode 5 support, with rotation and scaling[br]MMU: Added timer support (timer 2 and 3, prescalar mode)[br] [br][br]Download Here (http://gamecube-emulation.netfirms.com/gebea.shtml)