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February 15th, 2012, 07:55

★Game Information
--Genre: Side-scrolling fighting MMO
--Features: 3D Chinese style, martial-arts fantasy
--Payment Model: Micro-transaction
--Developer: Shanghai Qilu Co., Ltd.

★Background Story:
After the Canonization of the Gods, the Heavenly Lord of the Defiant, raged at the great losses suffered by the immortals from his clan, exhausted his power to demolish the Gods' Altar. This move greatly damaged the Three Realms and destroyed the Heavenly Palace.

The survived immortals descended to the Human's Realm and selected disciples from the mortals, in the hope to revive the Heavenly Realm and canonize the Gods anew.

As the entire world fell into total chaos, the Sawlus, silent in the Blood Sea for ages, plotting to take the advantage of the gods' scourge, came out of the Blood Sea and joined the contention for hegemony.

Currently, five classes have been created, namely, Skyfox, Mighty Giant, Shadow Assassin, Wizard and Soul Warrior. New classes will be added over time.

At this point, the five classes are focusing on ranged attack, barbarian skirmish, melee tank, agile combat and spell casting respectively.

These powerful classes may either make up flexible combinations to form a team or venture in the gaming world on their own.

★Future Development
Achievement System——In the game, the achievement system will work in concert with the Canonization system to deliver the glory of canonization.

Great Tournament——The Great Tournament will take place every three months. In each tournament, there will be an arena across the entire server. Players will contend for their honor.

Clan Arena——The clans will be constructed as clubs for the convenience of competitions. This design aims to introduce the E-sport concept into the online game and enhance both the competitiveness and the playability of our game. Meanwhile, this move will help further the players' sense of honor and consolidate their clans.

Sawlu Online is seeking global publishers: http://news.mmosite.com/content/c/2012-02-10/sawlu_online_is_seeking_global_publishers_1.shtml