View Full Version : What games do you have?

November 6th, 2006, 15:44
my games?

Just Cause
Geometry Wars

i only just started playing Just Cause, its not bad (the sound keeps skipping in the cut scenes)

Before that i was playing saints row, and have completed the main story,i think i missed about 10 points Achievements I might go back to get them some time. I played a few games online, i found about 20% unplayable lag wise and 40% laggy but playable and 40% fine.. thats with the new patch.

I really like lumines, i never played the psp version, but i hear that if you have it, this xbox version is a let down (same game + only you have to buy all the extra feature separate). I like it and its fun for a quick online game, but over half the Achievements are way too hard.

i had some left over points from getting lumines so i got Geometry Wars, to see what all the fuss was about. Its a good fun game, good for a quick game, but really is just a high score/ Achievements game.. if you know what i mean.

November 6th, 2006, 20:17
Saints Row
Battlefield 2: Modern Combat
Dead Rising
(near future) Gears of War and DOAX2
Geometry Wars

Just started on Saints Row, great game, but very frustrating like a lot of the GTA games. Dead Rising is a great game as well, gets a bit repetitive after a while so I have never really completed the story (just been goofin off in the game).

beetroot bertie
November 7th, 2006, 14:13
Dead Rising (Not played yet)
The Outfit
Pro Evo 6

Halo 2 (Xbox)
Timesplitters Future Perfect (Xbox - hoping for future compatibility)

I've not really played any in any depth but PGR3 is good online as is Pro Evo (with friends at least as I've not tried a ranked match yet as I'm pretty poor at it).

I've only just started Prey and it seems pretty impressive. The whole gravity shifting thing is quite bizarre when you first see it and catch enemy hunters running up the walls. Hoping to get further into it soon.

I'm liking pro evo at the moment but need to get better.