View Full Version : [FIX] 333 Wifi on 2.71 SE-X by Black_Skull

November 6th, 2006, 21:31
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Hi guys.

Before overclocking module by Cpasjuste, or MiG VSH overclocker, to run online games at 333 Mhz, we need a wifi fix

This is my fix ( make it at ur own risk ):

-Make a 2.00 dump with Dark_AleX's psar dumper mod with Sigcheck.
( extract DATA.PSAR file from 2.00 update, with a software like pbpunpacker, and paste it in the root of your memory stick. Install the psardumper with sigcheck)

-Make it encrypted and SigCheck'd( X button).

-pick up wlan.prx on ms0:/f0/KD.

-Flash it with LordSturm's wlan.prx flasher ( thanks!).


I test it with socom and works fine

NOTE: you migth make your dump with ur personalize sigcheck.
Doesn't work with another wlan.prx with different sigcheck


thanks to Dark_AleX, Cpasjuste, MiG and irc.lan.st people

PS: sorry for my english :S

aha! a fix!