View Full Version : snezzids is a great emu,but....

November 8th, 2006, 10:39
im having minor issues on the ds.i usually treat emus as ways to play my home consoles on the go,and i have a long trip :)

anyway,i have used snezzi ds on my super card sd with fzero and tetris attack.on fzero,im not quite sure if its me,or the rom,or the game,but the ground feels more slipery than usual.drifting is not effective,and turning is REALLY effective.
on tetris attack,its all fine except for the animation of the blocks(which is fine by me).but the sound is making my ears bleed,why isn't yoshi saying nintendo properly?and the music is ok,but it sounds like when your cool band is having a jam,and your baby brother comes in pretending to be cool and awesome.

other than that,i love you snezzids.you are as awesome as ps1p,epsxe,gens,and all the awesome emus.

November 8th, 2006, 14:52
If you're wondering if its the emu, rom or game, a simple solution is download a PC emu, play the rom, if it plays the on PC as DS, Then its just how the game is, if it plays differently on PC, then its Snezzi thats messed up.

And I agree, Snezzi is indeed awesome.