View Full Version : GBA Jpeg Viewer 3.0

September 11th, 2004, 14:51
Tony Savon has released a new version of his Jpeg Viewer for the GBA, heres whats new:[br][br]In Jpeg Packer:[br][br] Switched to jpeglib: Improved Jpeg Packing[br][br] Headers are automatically fixed with gbarm, now GBA Jpeg Viewer should work with all flashcarts[br][br] Rewrote Bilinear and Bicubic resize, now they are up to four times faster[br][br] In Jpeg Viewer:[br][br] Slighlty Faster jpeg decoding[br][br] Can play bg music! It sounds crazy to me too, but so many peopole asked for this feature that I had to add it :-)[br][br]Download from Here (http://ique.netfirms.com/jpegviewer.shtml)