View Full Version : Gamecube Homebrew app "Massager"

March 11th, 2012, 00:14
The member "160R" once created a homebrew application for Gamecube called "Massager", I've tried to contact him but he's been unactive since 2009, and this question is a bit late too...

Anyway I need this app for a project I've started on a Swedish gaming forum, where I compares every consoles rumble controllers strenght (The hardest and the weakest and so on...) just for fun. Now this app would be awesome to have since I got many different controllers for Gamecube, and would easy to recognize the differences If I just had this app.

Yeah it's old, the links to download it is dead, "160R" has leaved...so I'm asking if anyone out there could be nice and make it possible for me to get it. E-mail it or whatever is legal on this forum...I soo need this homebrew app! :p

Thanks in advance! /Eddie