View Full Version : Memory Stick Help!!!!!

AvengedSevenfold Fan
November 22nd, 2006, 02:00
for some reason, my 2 gig memory stick wont be read and other mem sticks will. when i pu it in, the mem stick light flashes a bunch of times, and then it just keeps blicking about 2 times a second.

what should i do?

November 22nd, 2006, 02:43
Try formatting it on your computer.

AvengedSevenfold Fan
November 22nd, 2006, 21:52
it wont be read at all

November 22nd, 2006, 22:05
Is there a serial number on the back of it? I got a 2gb memory stick off of ebay about a year ago... 6 months ago it totally stopped working, and in my efforts to fix it, I discovered it was a fake one.