View Full Version : M3/Passcard 3 help!

November 22nd, 2006, 03:57
I'm new to the whole homebrew thing, I just decided it would be cool to play SNES games on my DS lite. So, I was looking around, and I found this site, who is selling the M3 Perfect, and the Passcard 3. Here is the site : http://www.ioffer.com/shops/gameyeeeah I have a few questions:

1 Would the M3 Perfect lite and the Passcard 3 be a good combination?

2 Does the M3 take mini SD or micro SD?

3 Will I be able to put SNES ROMS on it right out of the box or will I have to install software?

4 Can someone explain to me the process start to finish on how I would get say, FF6 for the SNES running on my M3? Just so I can fully understand how to do this.

5 What size micro/mini SD card should I get? How much space does the average ROM take up?

Thanks in advance for the answers to some or all of these questions.