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November 24th, 2006, 02:16
This is what im going to be putting on my listing for my Xbox 360, i want to know if its any good, any pointers would be great :

You are potentially bidding on a used Xbox 360 console that has been customized by a professional. It was purchased in July of this year. It comes with seven games, three wireless controllers, one weird controller, all HD and composite cables, hard drive and as an added bonus, a Team Executer Connectivity Kit. You will not find anything else like this on eBay.

The Xbox

About two months after I purchased my Xbox 360, I became bored of having the same old Xbox as everyone else and decided to get my friend to paint it. My friend is an aspiring airbrush artist. The paint is a high quality semi-gloss black. The console looks absolutely stunning. The face plate though became to stiff, and this effected the power button, but a small piece of duct tape fixed that and it works like a charm now, no affect on the function of the machine at all. The hard drive can be wiped as the buyer’s request. There are just a few game demos on the hard drive and a CD of one of my cousin’s band. As said before it can be wiped if needed.

The Games

The Seven games that are included are as follows:

• Dead Rising, not pictured, but will be included in the auction, It is in moderate condition and plays extremely well, it has no instruction manual.

• NFL 06 this game was bought from block buster in Canada, it does not have a manual either, didn’t play it much, but It always worked for me.

• Tiger Woods 06 This game was also purchased at block buster, comes with manual, works perfectly every time.

• Project Gotham Racing 3, This game was bought from block buster also and didn’t work at all, it was very scratched when I bought it, I had it resurfaced and it works pretty well, also does not come with the manual.

• Tomb Raider Legends, this game came with the system when I bought it and works perfectly and contains the manual

• Topspin 2, this game also came with the system, and is in perfect condition, also comes with the manual.

• Finally a almost brand new copy of Gears of War, this is one of my favourite games and I really didn’t want to give it up, but I need the money, perfect condition and no scratches at all. This is not the collector’s edition


This system comes with the one wireless controller that came in the premium package. I also purchased two wireless controllers. All three wireless controllers will ship with fresh batteries. The wired controller is a third party mad cats controller and is not of the greatest quality, I’m just throwing it in because I have no use for it. The executer connectivity kit will be included for an extra 15$ if you know what it’s used for then good for you, if not don’t ask.


Payment can be made by money order or Interact Direct money transfer for Canadian residents, I prefer this method, but money orders are fine, ABSOLUTLY NO PERSONAL CHECKS!!


I am looking to find a I book G4 and if anyone is interested in a trade and lives in south western Ontario we may be able to work something out.


You will pay the actual shipping charges, not some inflated rate that includes “handling fees” I REPEAT you pay only the actual shipping rates. Local pick up is also available, contact prior to bidding before bidding if you have 10 or less feedback. There will also be no shipping to Nigeria.

Final Words

This is an extremely rare and unique console that you will never see anywhere else. Makes a great present, birthday or Christmas.

Give your honnest opinion please