View Full Version : DS: Command & Conquer WIP updates

November 26th, 2006, 01:20
Well I couldn't find these anywhere on here so heres some updates:

Oct 9th - Crunch!

We've hit our final crunch time at work - and for those of you who are in the games industry you know what it can be like! So over the last few days I've had less free time and not felt as motivated to get home and do yet more coding lol. So progress has slowed down as of late, sorry fellas!

I did manage to get the latest version of libnds and libfat built (though I had to comment out a bunch of directory listing stuff in libfat) and I still have the same problem. So I'm going to need to get all the info I can that's relevant from home, bring it in and ask a few questions on the forums. It's such a pain in the ass not having the net at home - grrrr!

So without being able to work on the main game I've been working on the map editor. It's coming along nicely. I really hope that my first release isn't just the map editor though 0.0

Oct. 16th - Still Crunching..

Feeling the burn now! But the end IS in sight. I've managed to do some very minor work on the map editor and that is all. The project is still going, but has slowed right down because of little free time. Don't worry guys i'm going to see it through, I want to play C&C on the DS as much as the next guy ;D

Oct. 19th - Email down

It looks like my old website has gone offline, possibly permanently, and it's taken my old email addresses with it ;( I'm sorting out a new website now, but until then, just, um, leave comments here I guess ;p

Nov. 14th - On hold..

Not dead, just on hold for a bit! Not much longer though... sorry guys and girls

It's good to know that the project isn't dead.